Machine vision software for industrial machinery

In industrial machinery, people are familiar with sensor brands as component suppliers such as Keyence, Cognex, Sick, Pepperl+Fuchs, Banner etc. They have good vision solutions too for checking differences on the image unless you need a special machine vision software solution.

custom machine vision software companies

What if you need to apply an OCR and multiple pixel colour detection at the same time?

Click’n Work is developing application-centric machine vision software for bespoke needs. Please check the vision detection, camera application video working on Mentpack stick packaging machine.

In this application machine’s HMI panel(known as Touch panel) is in communication with vision computer and machine controller Siemens PLC.

Vision system detects in case of misalignment and stops the machine before things are moving completely off.

Also, control points of the vision system read from HMI panel. So the operator is able to modify the software upon their daily needs.

This particular vision software is working dealing with daily challenges in the real world tests in multiple factories all around the world.

In the video, the embedded machine vision CPU in communication with machine controller and stop the machine if the logic is true. Your application might be different, so this is why Click’n Work prepares different software for different applications.

Having a specialized software provides incredible cycle times to catch process speed of your application.

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