Operational blindness in office work

Each day is bringing new challenges on our shoulders. While trying to catch tasks that have to be done “a.s.a.p.”, we couldn’t even find ourselves in operational blindness storm. In these cases, the best movement might be outsourcing your business’ observation. Besides, your competitors in the market might be also in the same fault. Saying “This is also what they are doing” does not bring you to the front row.

operational blindness

Step outside and take a break.

Start thinking new ways to complete same tasks.

As we are a company that is focused on people’s daily working routines, we become pretty much familiar with the operational blindness of human nature eventually. Or we can say, people still do not have such information about business process automation yet.

After we share the abilities of the system, ideas from employees are keep coming. At that stage Click’n Work developers takes all requests and creates a timeline and define importance level for each workflow automation. Last stage of the changeover is just using the system that is we create, and gathering feedback for possible updates.

Do not forget that, your team are a wealth of information. They are the ones working at the coal face the majority of the time. They can tell you exactly what’s happening and not happening in the business. Keep yourself regularly updated with their feedback so you can act quickly to rectify undesirable situations from taking place

Another way to keep your ear on the ground is to actually spend a day job shadowing your team members. See the true colours of the business through the eyes of an employee.