Looking for cloud business software?

Should be or shouldn’t be?

This is not the main question today’s world. Transforming with cloud business software should be done yesterday! But where you need to start to this journey?

As we are working with people who wants to change their daily habits, we have seen the happiness when their silly jobs are automated and finished in one second. This is why it sounds right to start in worst point.

This can be sales order automation, existing inventory system, common file platform, document approval. All of them is a starting point for digital transformation for your business.
You select the case, and write to us. We will share our experience from existing systems and explain possibilities.

Digital world is something that can help your business, just leave annoying things at the past. It seems hard when you are alone in the field, besides a consultancy might be quite helpful and time saver.

office365 consultancy

Skeptic about clouds?

People were same position as we are when first computer used in business world… Besides, cloud business software is a really nice decision for making things easy.

One thing is certain, cloud service provider has to be trustworthy! Because your business is important.

This is why Click’n Work uses Office 365, Microsoft 365 platform.

A Tidy and harmless starting point

Tailored Inventory Application

This application detect items by dedicated QR codes.

People are using their own mobile phones to reach inventory and use, log items for company’s own way.

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