Sales order automation for business

Sales order automation is touchstone of the business process automation. In some cases, the cloud connects to your existing ERP or CRM and reads leads status’. Or simply, sales people can use the form application that is specifically written for company’s needs.

When the status becomes “Won”, your custom cloud software reads the data. Transfers to the operation related departments and even built tasks with due dates and assign related departments.

sales order automation

Customer gets notifications in each step or the order!

Thanks to the possibilities of common cloud system based sales order automation. Customer name, contact e-mail, order, order status (from project management tasks) possible to gathered together. So, System is be able send automatic e-mails about the order.

Watch our explainer video about business process automation concept!

Rethink your approach to automation

Businesses cite several reasons for dragging their feet on automating their sales order process, including no capital budget, strained departmental resources, fear of change, competing priorities, a lack of IT resources, and no senior management champion. But one of the biggest barriers to sales order automation is the antiquated approach because most businesses take to automating their processes.

So, Most businesses have taken a top-down approach to automation, where IT is tasked with installing and enabling independent systems to automate a function such as order processing. But the pace of innovation is moving very fast, resulting in a huge backlog with IT.