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Agile Business Process Automation Software

To ensure your business processes are agile and user-centred, we create custom-built software that meets your specific needs. There are no limitations, no barriers and no paperwork in custom business process automation software.

  Replace time-consuming manual data input and reduce human error with a flexible cloud-based work automation system that increases efficiency, productivity and profits.

Have questions like follows?

  • How cloud concepts works for our company?

  • So, what is the difference with ready-built systems?

  • Well, I’m lost mate couldn’t get anything!?

business process automation
Team collaboration platforms
Prompt colleagues to enter relevant data that informs the entire chain of departments
project management
Mobile apps
Connect people across multiple platforms and check status updates, anytime, anywhere
document management
Document engines
Eliminate manual form filling, lost documents, chasing information and sending emails.

Improve Companywide Communication

Installing business process management software allows you to integrate inter-departmental functions into one central system and disseminate relevant information across the entire organisation.

The software facilitates a smooth transition and ensures all your employees have access to the real-time status reports.

Custom-Built Business Processes Management

The digital transformation can feel like an arduous process for manufacturers. Our workflow automation software is the bridge that enables your company. Besides it makes a smooth transition and incorporate efficient business processes that enable you to thrive in the digital age.

Effective Workflow Automation

Automated business process systems enable you to eliminate error from standard procedures. As a result, you reduce manual work, improve communication, operate efficiently, improve customer satisfaction and increase profits – all for a lower cost!

Eliminate Human Error

Manual workflow procedures can be chaotic and cause endless problems for your staff and your profit margins. Automated workflow software eliminates endless paperwork, lost documents and human error. With simple data input options, our BPM software enables seamless operational processes that eliminate errors and helps to improve job satisfaction.

Common Cases In Priority

sales order automation
Sales Order Automation

After each sales, a series of paperworks starts until the project is finished. Gathering teams together and chasing lots of information makes people tired. In addition all for a pointless challenge. This information route might be done automatically and clearly.

Thanks to the cloud based automated common platform.
inventory management
Inventory Control

Inventory control might not seem such important for small teams in safety aspect. But that doesn’t mean you will not become short with your inventory. Inventory software is placing order for pre-selected items in needed quantity.

Because we not providing ERP, it is not a must to record each item. The automatically placing orders for continuously used items.

Our inventory system reachable from mobile app and cloud platform.
project management
Project Management

We use all the information in the system and collect right data for perfect timing. Assign a person or team for tasks. Let them catch the schedule and work with visualized online plan.

In addition Click’n work uses Office 365 Planner. Also automate processes behind.
exhibition software
Exhibition Contacts

A mobile application that helps you in rushing scenarios. Save contact information of the guests in your exhibition. And also sending e-mails immediately & effortless.

business process management

Why Choose Click’n Work Business Process Management Software?

Click’n Work appreciate there is no one-size-fits-all solution for programming automated workflow systems.

Whereas most providers offer business process management software that has limitations. Thanks to our solutions are tailored to meet your precise business needs. In other words, our business process management software works seamlessly when you receive it.

All you have to do is click and work.

business process automation

Click’n Work uses proven Microsoft Azure servers

Especially cutting edge security, Worldwide accessibility, Hybrid capability and Flexibility is a ready package in Microsoft365 platform.

So, Powerapps, Power Automate and SharePoint configurations will be done by our experienced team to provide the best business process automation experience.

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